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Generate Amount of EXP for Free Online With Black Ops 3 Hack Tool Online

This Black Ops 3 Hack for Android and IOS has been last updated and confirmed working on:

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Hack Now Available

We’re proud to announce the release of our Call of Duty Black Ops 3 hack, which enables you to dominate online with our aimbot and full ESP options, all undetected by treyarch anti-cheat!

With this hack you can rocket through the ranks online, and unlock the best gear faster than anyone else. Dominate the scoreboard and send your opponents packing.

Black Ops 3 Hack Features:

  1. Precision Aimbot
  2. Custom Aimkey
  3. Set FOV
  4. Auto Aim at Players, AI, and Zombies
  5. Player ESP
  6. Zombie ESP
  7. Nametags
  8. Box ESP
  9. Distance ESP
  10. Health Bar ESP
  11. Head-Dot ESP
  12. Easy to use In-Game Menu
  13. Undetected by Treyarch Anti-Cheat
What makes a good Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Hack?

You may be wondering how you decide on a Black Ops 3 hack to use and what criteria to look for. While that comes down to personal preference and we hope you will try our Black Ops 3 cheat, we’re here to offer a few tips.

Privately Developed

A cheat that cannot be accessed by everyone online is a much better choice than one that you can download for free from a download site or message board. Private hacks are less likely to be available to anti-cheat providers and therefore less likely to be detected. Furthermore, private cheats are usually better supported than free cheats.

Better Features

The difference between a good aimbot and a bad one can be quite noticeable. You always want your features to work well, as if they cause you to die or miss a kill this can be quite frustrating. You want an aimbot that works the way you expect it to, and the same with ESP and other features. Worst of all, if your Black Ops 3 hack causes you to crash, that will put you in a foul mood.


There’s not much point in using a cheat or hack if it gets your account banned. You want a cheat that has a good track record, and developers who know what they’re doing in developing an undetected cheat. Private cheats tend to be better in this regard.

How to make a Black Ops 3 Hack

Have you ever wanted to make your own cheat for a game? As a private cheat provider, we sometimes get questions from our users on how to make their own cheats.

Unfortunately it is more difficult than you might think. Depending on the game and your ambitions, the types of cheats you see in FPS like Black Ops 3 are quite complex.

Basic cheats like stat editing for singleplayer games is actually quite easy to do. You can use a basic program like cheat engine to scan for stats like your health or damage, and modify these quite easily.

However, with a Black Ops 3 hack you can’t do this. Basic stats are checked by the server, so stats editing will not work. The main cheats you see for games like Call of Duty would include aimbots, esp, wallhacks, and radar. These cheats work through injected code that actually draws information in the game or modifies game code to do something like make your camera aim at a specific point (like the chest of an enemy soldier). This requires much more knowledge and the understanding of how to write code and reverse game code.

If you’re interested in doing this, keep in mind it’s a long road and will take you months or years before you can likely make a working online cheat for a game like Black Ops 3. It’ll be much easier in the mean time to purchase or download a working cheat made by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Also take into consideration that even once you can make a cheat, if a game is protected by anti-cheat your code may be detected and your account can still be banned. It is a long road to being a knowledgeable game hacker with much to learn along the way.

How Black Ops 3 Hacks Work!

These cheats and hacks are apps which inject code into the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 game client, enabling some features that would never be possible in the game. Have you ever heard of game devs offering an aimbot or wallhack for their game? I thought not!

Actually, on that note many games have offered character abilities in game that are similar to hacks, which let you see the locations of nearby players through walls, or guns that lock onto enemies if you highlight them long enough.

Anyway, when you load your hack for the game, it’ll have an in-game menu where you can enable and disable features along with configuring the cheat in general.

With your Black Ops 3 Aimbot feature, you can lock on to enemy soldiers anywhere on the map, and riddle them full of bullets with fantastic accuracy. You’ll be a danger to the other team whether you’re armed with a bolt action rifle or a secondary pistol.

The ESP feature lets you see the locations of enemies by drawing information over them, letting you see them even behind walls. 3D esp will change and move depending on how far away from them you are, giving you a better idea of their position in 3D space.

Private hacks are best for Black Ops 3 as public cheats can be examined easily by the game devs, and their anti-cheat adjusted to detect them.

Enhance your Weapon with our Black Ops 3 Aimbot

While ranking up you can unlock a range of new weapons and weapon attachments, the most powerful augment to your gun isn’t available in game.

Our Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Aimbot will take your gun off the charts. Are there any weapon attachments that make your gun automatically lock on to enemies for perfect accuracy? I didn’t think so.

With the aimbot you can mow down swathes of enemy players and take your team to an early victory. With our aimbot you can customize features like FOV, the aim bone, aim speed, aim lock, your custom aimkey, and much more. All of these settings can be configured to personalize the aiming for your preference and level of carnage.

If you like to say under the radar, you may opt for less aggressive settings and only activate the aimbot when you need to get an important kill. Or, you may choose to use aggressive settings and completely dominate a match. Just watch out for Treyarch Anti-Cheat if you decide to do that.

Our Black Ops 3 Aimbot is just one of the many features in our suite of COD BO3 hack features. Check back when the game launches and get our fully undetected cheat!

How Easy is it to hack in Call of Duty Black Ops 3?

If you’ve been playing games for a long time, you’ve probably heard about cheating from years ago, when it was a decidedly much more complicated affair. Even back in the days of the gameshark, if you wanted to edit games without using the cheat tables it was very difficult to learn to edit memory addresses.

Even in the earlier FPS games when cheats and hacks started to become prevalent, these cheats were much more complicated to use. You needed to edit text files and scripts and hope everything would work.

Now adays with hacks for games like Black Ops 3, cheating is extremely easy. It’s as simple as running an executable and configuring your options while in the game.

Being able to pull up a menu for a Call of Duty Black Ops 3 hack makes it much more enjoyable to cheat. You can tweak your settings on the fly even as you change weapons from a shotgun to a rifle.

With an in-game menu you can select and unselect features, tweak your aimbot or esp options to your preferences. Our COD BO3 cheat will feature a mouse driven menu for easy settings changes.

Settings these days are also much simpler. Our hacks take care of much of the guesswork so you don’t need to learn how prediction is calculated and change 3 different variables. With just a checkbox or one setting you can adjust aimbot prediction easily, or completely ignore it as the default settings are designed to be perfect for most users!